A Founder's Story 

In 2006, I became the coordinator for the Pittsburgh chapter of NSAI. It set in motion a course I had no plan to take. 


By 2013 I moved to Nashville, a songwriter, and by 2015 started publishing and doing songplugging for clients. I came to deeply understand the challenges songwriters, publishers, simply everyone faces when it comes to growing their music careers and companies. 


Just like songs sometime things come in an instant, the idea of an online platform for songwriters and music industry professionals arrived in the same way...whole. I talked with many songwriters and publishers who graciously gave their time to explore what Sooner could be, and I leaped!


I wasn’t always in music. I have 20 years of marketing and engineering experience that prepared me for the world of start-ups. After graduating from the entrepreneurship program at Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business (MBA) in 1997, I launched a company while still in school.


If that first high risk adventure would have worked, I wouldn't be here now. I wouldn't be a songwriter. I wouldn't be a publisher. And hey!THIS thing called Sooner might not work either. But I give it my all and if Sooner goes to the great music start-up in the sky , I'll still be a songwriter! Here's to following that thing that says...if you want to do this thing, you need to do it now!

See you on Sooner,

Nancy Deckant