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Crafting Winning Song Ideas for Artists & Hit songwriters!

Online Meetings With Artists: May 23 & June 6

Artist, producer and hit songwriter Dave Pahanish has replaced Brennley Brown.

Some dates have been changed!

To become a successful songwriter, you need to write great songs and be in the writing room with successful recording artists. The key to any songwriter's success is who you collaborate with.

Nowadays, many recording artists write their own songs. If you didn't write with them from the beginning, it's almost impossible to get in that door later.

Our goal is to give writers a chance to show their skills and to get in that door!


But what if you're new to writing for artists or don't co-write much? What if you get a chance to write with a hit songwriters and want to learn how to be prepared? Well, this your opportunity to learn more about how to go about crafting winning song ideas!

Program Overview

Pro songwriters dedicate significant time to cultivating and refining song concepts to bring to co-writers. These concepts may take the shape of a melody, a title, a few phrases, or a general concept, which we refer to as "song starts." They are designed to serve as a starting point to creativity and enthusiasm.


In this program, you'll meet emerging artists and create "song starts" for their future projects. If they choose your "song start", you'll finish writing the song together.


Here's how it works!


We'll have a group Zoom meeting with each artist. The artist will tell us what topics they like to sing about, what to avoid, what their audience expects, what kinds of songs they need, etc. An in-depth group discussion will follow with suggestions and guidance on how to craft a winning idea for this artist.

Afterwards you'll have 5 days to come up with a "song start" that matches the artist's style. Your "song start" can be a lyric, melody, or both. 


We will select the 10 best "song starts,". If the artist chooses yours as their favorite, they will tell us why they selected your "song start" and finish writing the song with you. 

Here's a twist. You can co-write your "song start" with 1 other person in the program, and your team of 2 can submit a total of 2 songs co-written together. 


  • Participate from your computer, laptop, or smartphone

  • If you miss a live meeting, you can watch the video later

  • Enjoy meeting songwriters with the same goals

  • Comes with a free month of DiscoverSooner Monthly Pitch & Community

Meeting Agenda

On Zoom (all times CDT)

  • 5-5:40pm-ish - Meet with artist, Q&A 

  • 5:40-6pm - Group discussion

Meet The artists

May 23, 5pm CDT

tolman-feature chair_edited.jpg

Jenny Tolman
Artist and Songwriter 

Having woven the incredible storyline of her life into her music, Tolman has found a way to create albums which ties up all that life!

June 6, 5pm CDT

Dave Pahanish blue chair.jpeg

Dave Pahanish
Artist, Producer and Hit Songwriter

Dave is a 3 time #1 hit Billboard Country songwriter. Dave penned Keith Urban’s “Without You”, Tobey Keith’s “American Ride”, Jimmy Wayne’s “Do You Believe Me Now?”



Meetings with artists: Zoom


Cowrites with artists: Zoom or in-person

Save These Dates: 

Early Bird Registration

  • Sunday May 14

Full Price Registration

  • Sunday May 21

Jenny Tolman Artist of WrenSong Publishing and Kinkead

  • Zoom meeting Tue May 23, 5pm cdt

  • Songs due Sun May 28

  • Winner announced Wed May 31

Hit songwriter Dave Pahanish

  • Zoom Meeting Tue June 6, 5pm cdt

  • Songs due Sun June 11

  • Winner announced Wed June 14


Early Bird: $197

Full Price Registration: $227

registration Deadlines

Anyone is welcome to participate in this program and registration guarantees admission!

Early Bird May 14 - $197

Full Price  May 21 - $227

Emerging Register

register Here!


Will everyone signed up to the program co-write with the artist?

No. The winning song idea will be chosen by the artist, who will then collaborate with the creators to co-write it. While at least one song idea will be selected as the winner, if the artist finds multiple ideas they want to write, there may be multiple winners.

Can I co-write my song start?

Yes. You have the option to write your song start alone or collaborate with another writer in the program. You and your writing partner can submit one song each for every artist.

What happens when my song start is selected? 

An email containing contact information for both you and the artist will be sent, allowing you to coordinate and schedule a co-writing session.

Is the co-write with the artist on Zoom or in person?

Although it is expected that the co-write will take place on Zoom, it is also acceptable if the artist and the winner prefer to meet in person. 


How do I send in my song start?

Following the session with the artist, an email will be sent to you with a form to fill out. In this form, you will provide a link to your song start and lyrics.

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