Your Music List: What songs to add and how to do it!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The most important thing to do on Sooner is to add your music to your profile. It's your ultimate power of attraction. Your calling card. Without it, potential co-writers are left guessing and publishers just skip your profile. Here's all you need to know.

How do I add my songs on Sooner?

To add music, you need links: Spotify (url), SoundCloud (share code), Youtube (url at top of page) Dropbox, Songspace, Disco, Box, your Google Cloud. Watch the accompanying video for the step by step.

What songs should I post on Sooner?

Make it easy for others to find the good stuff. Post your best songs, your truest “you” songs. Five GREAT songs is better than 20 “good” songs mixed in with 5 "great" songs. That's too much to listen to! Your Music List is more like a resume than a catalog. Less is more!

How many songs should I add to my Music List?

Each song on your Music List should have a good reason for being there. Did someone else cut your song? Add it. You’re an artist and you released a single? Add it! You released an album on Spotify? Add it! Did you recently write with a notable writer? Add it! You just recorded a song you think is the best you've ever written? Add it!

Playlist anyone? Do you have 3-5 country songs you want to pitch? Or 2 sync songs to pitch? Make a playlist on SoundCloud, put it on Sooner and title it “country songs to pitch” or “Sync songs to pitch”. Add it! As publishers browse profiles, they’ll be curious. Make them stop and listen!

When should I make a song private?

Alway have some public songs on your profile so other songwriters can hear what you do. If the song's on Spotify, that's a good song to make public. But when you have a song(s) you want to pitch to a publisher, I advocate for making it private. If it’s new. If it’s you. If it’s not out in the world yet. Make it private!

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