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Every songwriter needs direction. Usually a publisher fills the role of helping writers learn the tricks and avoid traps. They know how to make writing time more effective and give the kind of advice that makes songs more pitchable.


Like...did you know those great Brad Paisley tongue in cheek songs you love so much, that Brad will write them himself? No sense in going down that least not for him! Or how about which artists are not a good bet to pitch to because they write nearly every song themself! 

Plus, every publisher has a songplugger at their company who focuses on getting songs to the artists who need them. 


Without this kind of help, no wonder it's so hard to get anywhere! That's why we formed the Row Call Writers Group. 


Give unsigned songwriters the same advantage that writers with a publisher have...

  1. A songplugger to pitch your songs

  2. A new pitch sheet each month and tv/film briefs as available.

  3. Learn what makes a song pitchable

  4. Feedback to make your song more cutable




Each month you'll have a group meeting online with your songplugger who'll review the pitch sheet, mentor the group in casting songs to artists, give feedback received from pitching songs the prior month, and offer a brief Q&A.

Submit up to 2 songs (phone memos or demos) and your songplugger will give you written feedback along with a "Pitch"or "Pass" decision off line.

When your songplugger wants to represent your song, it's signed under a non-exclusive single-song publishing and administration agreement.



A vast network of relationships with record labels, producers, artists managers and artists is what it takes to be a great songplugger. Krystal Polychronis, Creative Director, wants to put the Nashville Cool team and its network of trusted music business relationships to work for Sooner Career Plan members. 



  1. Cost: $100 per month.

  2. Meetings with your songplugger are the 2nd Monday of the month, 5pm cst on Zoom.

  3. If your songplugger decides to pitch your song, it will be signed to a non-exclusive songplugging agreement for 1 year.


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Unsigned songwriters get the same advantage that writers with a publisher have.


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Month to month subscription. Cancel anytime. All Sooner terms and conditions apply.