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Sooner Sync Challenge 🔥

Limited Spots!

Event Overview

The Sooner Sync Challenge is a 2 month immersive workshop where artists, songwriters & producers write one song each month under the guidance of a sync agent. The event is held on Zoom.


Apply if you have intermediate to advanced songwriting skills and have co-written before. Producers must have the ability to produce a professional recording. Artists must have the ability to professionally record vocals or access to a studio.

During this program you will:

  • Build new relationships with sync agents

  • Write to a brief

  • Get your questions about the brief answered before writing

  • Expand your network of collaborators or co-write with participants you already know

  • Be mentored by the sync agent on the lyrics, melody and production of your song

  • Potentially have the songs you wrote represented by the sync agent

  • Retain ownership of your copyrights

Program Details

Meeting Agenda

4-8pm cdt / 2-6pm pdt / 5-9pm edt


The Brief

The sync agent will share a choice of active briefs. The majority of briefs fall within the broad genre(s) of pop including pop, Americana, Singer/Songwriter, Hip-hop, LatinX. Get all of your questions answered before moving to your team's break out room. (4:00-4:15pm cdt)

The Co-writing Session

You’ll be divided into co-writing teams of three which includes an artist, songwriter and producer. You can request to co-write with any program participant you know. (4:15-7pm cdt)


Drop In 1-on-1

After an hour of writing, the sync agent will drop into your break out room to give your co-writing team feedback on your song-in-progress. This is broad brush stroke style feedback such as "you're headed in the right direction" or "hey, this hook needs some adjusting!"  (5 min/team)

The Listening Party

At the end of the writing session, teams will get together to play their song-in-progress and receive further feedback from the sync agent. (7-8pm cdt)

After The Meeting

Two-Week Turnaround: Your team has two weeks to incorporate the sync agent’s feedback, fully produce the song and send in the final track. 

Final Feedback: The sync agent will send final feedback by voice memo within 7-10 days. You will be provided with additional information and paperwork if your song has been approved.

Licensing Agreement: Unicorn Sync’s agreement is non-exclusive. Commission on placements is 40% (Writers receive 60%). No publishing involved. Writers retain ownership of their copyright.

Application Requirements

Skills and Capabilities: Intermediate to Advanced-level songwriting skills with co-writing experience. Producers must have the ability to produce a professional recording. Artists must have the ability to professionally record vocals.


Portfolio: You'll need links to examples of your songs as part of the admission process. Spotify, Dropbox, Disco, Songspace, Soundcloud, etc.

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Unicorn Sync

Unicorn Sync is a music licensing agency co-founded by Elaine Ryan & Justina Shandler. The company offers a catalog of one-stop pop, r&b, hip hop, singer-songwriter, rock and latin music created by independent artists & producers and also produces music on demand for music supervisors. Recent placements include a trailer for Channing Tatum’s Tatum Vs Dog "50 Yard Fetch"

"We run an artist-focussed music licensing agency and are all about passing along education and helping our community succeed. If you’re an independent artist, songwriter or producer wanting to get your music into tv/film, we can’t wait to meet you.” - Elaine Ryan

Elaine Ryan

Elaine Ryan is a songwriter and music licensing executive based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her songs have landed on Amazon Fashion, “Yogurette” on Amazon Prime and more. Elaine co-founded Unicorn Sync and SyncForChange with Justina Shandler.

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Justina Shandler

Justina Shandler is an award-winning singer-songwriter and sync agent living in Los Angeles, CA. Justina is a graduate of the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Media Writing and Production and was  an adjunct professor of songwriting before moving to LA.

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Program Overview:

2 Meetings: July 18 and Aug 15 (4-8pm cdt)

An active brief to write to, interaction with sync agent and a 3-way co-write


Limited to 30 artists, producers and songwriters


Each meeting is held on Zoom.

However, if you are in the same town, feel free to write in person, just be logged into Zoom during the meeting.

Program Price:

Members: $227

Non-Sooner Members: $257

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Save These Dates: 

Application deadline

  • Sat July 9, 2022 (extended till July 10)

Applicant selection notification

  • Mon July 11 (end of day)

Participant's payment for the program due

  • Wed July 13

Participant orientation/meet & greet, Q&A

  • Changed to Sat July 16 (10-11am)

Meeting dates

  • Mon July 18 and Mon Aug 15 (4-8pm cdt)


Non-Refundable Application Fee: $20 

Deadline: Saturday July 9, 2022

Spots limited to 30 writers


All applicants will be entered into a drawing for:

1)"Hey That's My Song" a guide to getting tv/film placements

2) 1 Hour consultation Floyd Law Office

Time left to apply:

Elaine Ryan quote.png
How to apply icons.png

1. Sooner Members: just use a link to a song in your Music List.

Non-Members prepare a link to one your songs on SoundCloud, Songspace, Dropbox, etc.

2. Apply below: ($20)

3. Receive email with your acceptance status 1 week before the program begins. If accepted, you'll receive additional program details and a payment link ($).


Time Left To Apply


Limited to 30 Spots

Those who wait till the last minute may not get in. 


You'll need a SoundCloud, Songspace, Dropbox, Box, Disco (any link) to 1 of your best songs.


Do I need to be a member of Discover Sooner to participate?

No, but it saves you money if you belong. Learn more about Sooner>>

Is there an orientation?

Yes. Meet the writers, learn what to expect and how to share your screen and sound on Zoom.

What if I can't make it to one of the scheduled meetings?

Under extreme situations, a make-up a session will be scheduled for you and your co-writers.

Who will be my co-writers?

You’ll be writing with other program participants and co-write in teams of 3. Before the program starts, you’ll receive your co-writing team assignments and contact info.

Can I write with my specific people in the program?

Yes, the application form lets you name those you'd like to write with but they must be participating in the program.

Can I co-write in-person?

Absolutely yes if your team wants to! If you're all in the same town, get together wherever you all decide to write! Just be ready with your computer or phone to talk with the publisher when your time comes.

What happens if the sync agent wants to sign my song?

Congrats! The sync agent will send paperwork to review and sign.