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Wed, Jul 31



The Songwriter's Guide to MASTER Royalties

The Songwriter's Guide to MASTER Royalties
The Songwriter's Guide to MASTER Royalties

Time & Location

Jul 31, 2024, 5:00 PM CDT


About the event

The Songwriter’s Guide to Collecting Your Mechanical Royalties

Finding and Claiming Your Hidden Income

The Songwriter’s Guide to Collecting Your MASTER Royalties (Live Webinar)

Master royalties, also sound recording royalties, refers to payments made to the owner of the recording whenever the song is reproduced as CDs, vinyl, digital downloads and streams.

If you are an independent artist with your own record label, a team that writes for tv/film, or if you own any portion of a commercially released recording this is the webinar for you.

Join Bill O’Hanlon and Nancy Deckant authors of The Songwriter’s Guide to Protecting Your Songs and Collecting Your Money to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the world of mechanical royalties effectively.

This presentation will demystify the process of earning and managing sound recording / master royalties, ensuring that recording owners understand their rights and the steps necessary to maximize their earnings.

See how the journey unfolds from the release of a recording to the eventual payout to the recording owners.

Key Topics Covered:

Generation of Master Royalties:

  • Digital and Physical Sales
  • Performance Royalties
  • Sync Upfront Licensing
  • International Royalties
  • Master Ownership and Rights:


  • Record labels, artists, producers, songwriters, sync teams
  • Contracts and Agreements: “Work For Hire” contracts

SoundExchange Royalties Distribution:

  • Royalty splits
  • How SoundExchange pays featured artists directly

Checklist for Managing Master Royalties

  • Distribution and Registration
  • Engaging Administrators for International Royalties



Bill O’Hanlon

For over five decades, Bill O'Hanlon has immersed himself in playing guitar and piano and writing songs. In recent years, he focused even more deliberately on songwriting, accumulating an ever-growing 1,600+ catalog of recorded songs.

Bill's music has secured 100+ cuts to date with artists. He works with sync co-writing/production teams, such as IDO and DOLL and has achieved hundreds of songs signed to sync agencies and 14+ sync placements including Busch Family Brewed (MTV), Call Me Kat (Fox), Love in Tahiti (Indie). In 2022 Bill was selected as Songtown’s “Songwriter of the Year”. His great hooks, fresh song ideas and generosity have earned him a spot among his note-worthy co-writers including Tom Douglas, Gary Burr, Marty Dodson, Clay Mills, Phil Barton, Mark Irwin, Jason Duke, Georgia Middleman, Bobby Tomberlin, Lee Thomas Miller, Keesy Timmer, Tim James, Marti Jane Dodson, and many others.

Formerly a psychotherapist and speaker, Bill traveled the world for 30+ years before putting his work online. His significant contributions include the acclaimed book “Do One Thing Different” which landed Bill and the book on Oprah. Bill has written 41 books with 4 on songwriting (including this one).

Other Books on Songwriting:

“Song Building: Mastering Lyric Writing”

“Mastering Melody Writing” co-written with Marty Dodson & Clay Mills

“The Songwriter’s Guide to Mastering Co-Writing”

Free video on how to add “furniture” to your song:

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