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Monthly Pitch & Community

Pitch & Play to publishers

This service is for songwriters who want to play a song for a publisher every month.


Whether you want to pitch your song OR just play your music as a way to introduce yourself, Discover Sooner's monthly "Pitch & Play" online events are a great way to meet publishers and get your music heard.

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Access To

Nothing tells a publisher more about a writer than their music. A song can open or close a door and they're always speaking. Sometimes a song say' need to know me right now! And sometimes it's ...I'm somebody you need to keep your eye on!


Monthly Pitch makes major publishers accessible to all songwriters and provides a chance for writers to see for themselves who this publisher is.


1. Every month, get a description of what the publisher is looking for before the event by email..


2. Log into Sooner to submit a link to your song and register for the free online event.


3. We'll play a verse/chorus of your song live at the online event.


4. The publisher will pick up a copy of your song, pass on it or re-listen later.


5. If you can't attend the event, we'll send a video of the publisher's feedback by email.


  1. Cost: $17 monthly or $13/mo billed yearly. Cancel anytime. No refunds.

  2. Pitch one song each month and have it played live for the publisher at the online event.

  3. Sign up gives you access to Discover Sooner's Songwriter Community for free.

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  1. ​Set up your songwriter profile

  2. "Request A Referral" to get a referred badge on your profile

  3. Discover and connect with other songwriters

  4. Inbox message your connections

  5. Pitch your songs

  6. Register for events

  7. Video library with "Priceless Answers from Publishers", Hit songwriters "How'd You Get Your Deal", songwriter tutorials and more!

Sign Up

$13 / month billed yearly

 or $17 billed monthly

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Songwriters share their thoughts

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