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Publisher Writer Experience
Fall 2023

4 Meetings With A Major Publisher!

Songwriters and artists who want to get their songs cut by major label artists or want to be a major label artist, need a relationship with a major music publisher. Getting those relationships is hard work, even when you have amazing songs.


Since major publishing companies are extremely selective about who they choose to work with, developing relationships can literally take years to make! 


The Publisher Writer Experience changes everything! You'll work one-on-one over 3 months with a major publisher, who'll give you career guidance, help you make your songs more cuttable and advise you just as they would any songwriter at their company.

Our next publisher is Courtney Allen, SR Director of A&R, Concord Nashville

Application Deadlines

Early bird: Sun April 7, 2024

Full PriceSun April 21, 2024

Program Overview

2 Zoom 1-On-1's with the Publisher
2 In-Person Trips to the Publisher's Office!

The Publisher Writer Experience is a chance at new beginnings with an amazing publisher who wants nothing more than success for you. 


Program activities include:

  1. Two (2) 20 minute 1-on-1 meetings with the publisher over Zoom

  2. One (1) 30 minute individual in-person meeting at the publisher's office in Nashville or on Zoom

  3. One (1) 1 hour group meeting at the publisher's Nashville office (available on Zoom if out of town)

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Program Details

Application Deadlines

Early bird: Fri Jan 12, 2024

Full Price: Fri Jan 19, 2024

Jan 26*   At your first 1-on-1 on Zoom with the publisher, get comfortable, learn about the publisher and their goals. Share your goals and play 1-2 of your best songs. Set up your 30 minute 1-on-1 for whatever date/time works for both you and the publisher.

TBD   Have a 30 minute 1-on-1 at the publisher's office on the date/time decided upon on by you and the publishers. If you cannot come to Nashville, no problem, schedule a 30 minute Zoom.

Feb 23* At your 2nd 1-on-1 Zoom with the publisher leave a lasting impression by playing more great songs and the work you've been doing to further your career since last you met.  

Mar 18*  Celebrate the closing of program with a group visit to the publisher's office. Delve into the world of the publishing company, gaining insights from the perspective of the publisher. Expand your knowledge and uncover the truths behind the scenes as we get all of your questions answered during our Q&A "Music Business Fact or Fiction???." Zoom in if you live out of town. 

*Dates are subject to change depending on publisher's availability.

Publisher Bio

Courtney Allen to Senior Director, A&R. Based in Music City, Allen is tasked with continuing to round out Concord’s Nashville roster with talent and aid in high-level signings across the company.

Allen joined Concord Nashville in October 2021 as Director, A&R. Since joining the team, she has been instrumental in signing Nashville-based singer-songwriter Justin Wilson, Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne and more. She was a key contributor to Concord’s multifaceted catalog and publishing deals with country recording artist and songwriter Russell Dickerson as well as top country music songwriter and producer Corey Crowder.

Additionally, Allen serves an integral role in liaising with Hang Your Hat, a Concord creative venture founded by two-time ACM Songwriter of the Year, Hillary Lindsey. Notable Hang Your Hat signings include Chris LaCorte, Ben Chapman, Meg McRee and Cary Barlowe.

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Courtney Allen

"I'm looking forward to meeting all of the Discover Sooner writers."

A Champion for You!

Discover Sooner builds long-term connections between writers and publishers. Multiple writers have taken giant steps forward and are now writing with at publishing companies. 


Whether that happens to you right away or not, we are your champion long after the program is over. We keep that connection between you and the publisher going.


Program Overview:

Participants: Limited to 10 writers accepted


Location: Mix of Zoom and In-person in Nashville

Save These Dates: 


Time zone converter here.

Early bird Application Deadline

  • Sun April 7, 2024

Full Price Application Deadline

  • Sun April 21, 2024

Applicant selection notification

  • Monday April 22, 2024 (or earlier)

Songwriter orientation

  • Tues April 23 (5:30-6:30pm ct)

#1 Zoom Meeting (20 minute)

  • Wed April 24 (4-7pm ct)

30 minute In-person or Zoom Meeting with publisher

  •  Schedule your meeting with the publisher at the first Zoom 1-on-1

#2 Zoom Meeting (20 minute)

  • Thurs May 23 (4-7pm ct)

Group Meeting at location TBD (or zoom in if you are out of town)

  • June 13, 5-6pm ct


Early Bird: $357

Regular Registration: $417

How to apply icons.png

1.  Prepare a link to 3 songs on SoundCloud, Songspace, Dropbox, etc. OR If you're in the Sooner Community: just use a link to a song in your Music List.

2. Apply: ($20).

3. Receive email with your acceptance status 7 days before the program begins. If accepted, you'll receive additional program details and a payment link ($).

What Songwriters Say...

What Writers Say About Publisher Writer Experience

What Writers Say About Publisher Writer Experience

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Application Deadlines

Early bird: Sun April 7, 2024

Full PriceSun April 21, 2024

PWE Apply pg1


Apply ASAP!


We give a slight preference to Early Bird applications. Those who wait till the last day may not get in.


You'll need a SoundCloud, Songspace, Dropbox, Box, Disco (any link) to 3 of your best songs.


pwe faqs

Do I need to be a member of Discover Sooner to attend?

No. Learn more about Sooner programs>>

What if I can't make it to one of the scheduled meetings with the publisher?

We'll schedule a make-up session. 

I don't live in Nashville. What do I do about the in-person meetings?

You can do your 30 minute meeting and Group Meeting on Zoom. Consider coming to Nashville on the day of the group meeting. You can set up your 30 minute with the publisher on that date and make it a "2fer". 

How are Zoom meetings conducted?

You will have an individual meeting time scheduled with the publisher. Log onto Zoom about 10 minutes before your schedule time. When it's your scheduled time, the host will move you into to the publisher's breakout room. 

Is there an orientation?

Yes. We want you to set you up for success. If you've never met with a publisher before, there's an art to it! At orientation we will go over: time management, what to talk with the publisher about, pitfalls to avoid and get your ready to share your music. And we'll go over how to share your songs so it sound great on Zoom.

What should I talk with the publisher about?

A mentoring session is less about "pitching" songs and more about making a relationship. Be ready to play some songs, but talk about your career in music, get advice on the challenges you face as a writer or artist and most importantly, get to know this publisher.

I'm in a duo. Can we be in the same mentoring sessions together?


Upon selection notification, what does it mean to be "waitlisted"?

If there's not enough room in this group, you'll be invited to the next group with no need to apply again.

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