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Breakthrough Writers

Monthly Mentorship to Elevate Your Songwriting

You know what it's like. You pitch your best song and they pass. If you're like most of us, they almost always pass. Why? Because we don't know the publisher very well, nor the artists they pitch songs to either. Ugh!


We want to write songs that publishers want to represent, artists want to record and the world wants to sing. Why spend years trying to figure it out on our own when you can get you there faster?


Breakthrough Writers helps level up your songwriting and industry knowledge through personalized mentoring with a major publisher who wants to work with you.

🎵 Breakthrough to Songwriting Excellence!
🌟 Breakthrough to a Network of Creatives!
🚀 Breakthrough to Career-Changing Relationships!

Program Overview


Unlock your songwriting potential! 

Breakthrough to Your Best Songwriting Self!

🎵 Expert Guidance: Every month your publisher mentor will carefully review your song, offer valuable insight, identify areas for improvement and give constructive suggestions in a small group setting.

💡 Learn What Works: Gain an understanding of what songs publishers really want and get guidance that boosts your confidence.

🤝Belong: Meet other songwriters and potential collaborators.


🚀Form a Lasting Relationship with an industry insider who'll level-up your skills and help you take steps that will move your career forward.


📚 Publisher chooses the writers they want to work with.

📅 Monthly one-hour group meeting with a top publisher and fellow writers.

🎶 During each session, you play one song and receive feedback to further your song's potential.

📝 Get monthly writing assignments.

🎤 Receive monthly pitch lists of artists currently looking for songs (if applicable).

🤝 Receive a single song agreement if the publisher wants to represent your song.


  1. Cost: $60/mo, cancel anytime. No refunds

  2. Small group 4-7 writers

  3. Play one song and get feedback

  4. Get a pitch sheet and writing assignment

  5. If the publisher decides to pitch your song, they'll sign it to an exclusive single song publishing agreement. Details discussed at that time.

Choose a Music Professional

Debbie Zavitson

Debbie Zavitson Publisher

Genres: Focus on Country 

(also Pop, Rock & Americana)

Get pitch sheet and assignment

When: 2nd Tuesday 5-6pm central

Class Status: Filled, Waitlist Only

Finding and developing talent is Debbie Zavitson's passion. Previously the Senior Director of A&R at Sony Records under Doug Johnson, Debbie signed ACM Award winning duo “The Kinleys” and co-wrote their hit single “Just Between You and Me”. 

She played a pivotal role in signing multi-platinum recording artist Blake Shelton managing the crucial initial years of his career. Her contributions have been instrumental in shaping his success.


Debbie is a dedicated advocate for songwriters. She tirelessly champions their cause, working to ensure they achieve and maintain a sustainable livelihood. 

Donna Bukevicz new haircut.jpeg
Donna Britton Bukevicz
Music Supervisor

Improve your songs for tv/film

Get an assignment each month

Genres :Pop, Americana, HipHop, any

When: 3rd Wednesday 5-6 pm central


Class Status: 5 spots left

Donna Britton Bukevic is an award-winning singer-songwriter and music supervisor.. With over 1500+ TV & Film placements, Donna's music has been heard on Sony Pictures, Fox Sports, Amazon Prime, Peacock, Hulu, Tubi, Rock Band video games, Showtime "The L Word", Access Hollywood, VH1's "House of Consignment", MTV, and TVO's Green Heroes web series. 


Donna is an Associate Member of the Guild of Music Supervisors, Voting Member of Hollywood Music in Media (HMMA), a 2022  Silver Telly Award Winner, 2021 HMMA Best Song Nominee. Learn more at IMDB.



Prepare a link to 3 original songs 




non-refundable application fee. 


Get Notified

Receive email with your status in 7 days


You'll need a SoundCloud, Songspace, Dropbox, Box, Disco (any link) to 3 of your best songs.


Once I apply what happens?

We send your info to the publisher. Once you are approved, we'll add you to the zoom invite and show you how to submit your song each month.

Can I play voice memos for the publisher or does it have to be a demo?

Getting feedback before recording the song is a smart move. Anything you want to play is fine. Just make sure the lyrics are available.

What if I can't make it to one of the scheduled meetings?

Send your song in as usual and we'll send feedback by video.

I'm in a duo. Can we be in the same mentoring sessions?

You can sign up as a duo, both attend, play 1 song, get feedback.

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