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Get Referred

Getting referred by industry professionals has forever been the way the music business works.  Publishers and record labels count on referrals to speed the introduction process. Next to writing great music, it's the single most important thing you can do for your career.

From the writing perspective, it's also important. To be the best writer, you need to be writing with the best writers. To stand out to potential co-writers, get referred. 


When you request a referral from Sooner, your profile is circulated to our Review Team made up of music industry professionals in your genre. If the majority of reviewers give a thumbs up, your profile is marked as "referred" and then shows up under "referred" in our search filters. Learn More

How To Request A Referral

1. Sign up and fill out your profile (free)

2. Upgrade to the Career Plan $

3. Request a Referral


How To Request A Referral
Who Should Apply?
Who Should Request A Referral?
Unsigned Writer

You've never had a publishing deal, but indie artists are cutting your songs, you may write with signed songwriters, maybe you've had some songs in TV/Film, or a song making its way on the charts.

Signed Writer

You have a publishing deal and want to expand your co-writing network and be found by A&R people.

Artist Writer

You are an artist, people are streaming your music, your social numbers are growing, you tour, you're being featured in blogs.

Journeyman Writer

You've had publishing deals before, are in charge of your own publishing these days, want to stay in touch with publishers and writers, or want to sell your catalog. 

Producer Writer

You may never have had a publishing deal. You track the song during the writing session or do the demo afterward.

Great Writer

Although these categories are good indicators, the crazy thing about music is that none of this has to be true. Your music just has to be great.

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