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Vote by January 12!

Pick A Professional

In the past year, these music industry professionals transformed our lives with their feedback on our songs and career! Now is your chance to tell us who impacted you the most.

Instructions: Write the name of your favorite professional for each category! You can vote for the same person each time.

Two Publisher Writer Experiences

Lee Krabel of Smack Songs

Kendall Lettow at peermusic


Two Sync Challenges

Donna Bukevicz, Music Supervisor


12 Pitch and Pickup Events

Matt Lindsey, Tiffany Goss, Emily Boardman, Bobby Rymer, Steve Bloch, Bob Dellaposta, Butch Baker, Calista Miller, Kendall Lettow, Debbie Zavitson & Shar’n Clark. 


Positive Influence: "I truly appreciate the positive influence this person has had on me. Their optimistic outlook and encouragement have made a significant difference in my life."

Inspiration for Growth: "This individual has been a constant source of inspiration for personal growth. Their drive and determination motivated me to strive for more and achieve my goals."

Wisdom and Guidance: "The wisdom and guidance offered by this person have been invaluable. Their insights have helped shape my decisions, leading to positive outcomes and personal development."

Life-Changing Professional: "Our interactions have been nothing short of life-changing. This person has brought new perspectives, opportunities, and joy into my life, making a lasting and positive impact."

We so appreciate you taking your time to share your thoughts! Have a great 2024!

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