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Shar'N Clark

I began my career as an artist signed to a record label and eventually found a place in the music industry as a tour manager doing just about everything! Lighting, publicity, production planning and promoting shows, I even spent time driving bus! Through these experiences, I discovered that I loved working with artists and songwriters.

After graduating from Belmont University, I formed Shake 'Em Up Music publishing in 1999. I started songplugging and gained major label cuts and singles for my clients including Blake Shelton, Sara Evans, Reba.


I'm a complete TV junkie and ventured into music supervision and clearing songs and videos for use. Projects I have worked on include"It All Begins With A Song" and have been a music supervisor on projects like "For The Love of Music: The Story of Nashville"I have many relationships with music supervisors and work as a sync agent with many songwriters to get sync placements.

There probably isn't anything in publishing I don't have experience in. I'd love to put that experience to work for you! 


  • 20+ years of music industry experience

  • Market your music across all platforms

  • Songplugging Genres: Country, Rock, Bluegrass

  • Sync Agent placements: Jack Ryan, Steve Harvey, Format, Weather Channel and more.

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