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This program is filled. We'll be back in 2023. Get on our mailing list for updates!

Sooner Sync Challenge 🔥

Only 30 Spots!


Donna Britton Bukevicz, music supervisor with Molly Girl Music, has partnered with Discover Sooner to custom write songs for 3 independent movies slated for 2023.


If you want to become one of the "go-to" writers for Molly Girl Music, participate in the Sooner Sync Challenge.


The Sooner Sync Challenge is a 3 month bootcamp where artists, songwriters & producers write a song each month under the guidance of a music supervisor. The event is held on Zoom.

Participants will be assigned to a new writing team each month including an artist (singer), songwriter and Sooner will provide a track writer or producer. 

BYOTeam. You can bring your own producer. Producers attend for free but must apply ($20). If you want to work with another writer who's participating in the program, you can draft that participant. Learn more>>

During this program you will:

  • Work with a music supervisor

  • Write to a brief

  • Expand your network of collaborators

  • Take away 3 recorded songs

  • Potentially get 3 sync placements

  • Retain ownership of your copyrights

How It works

Meet On Zoom

5-8:30pm cdt / 6-9:30pm edt/ 3-6:30pm pdt

The Co-writing Session 

You’ll be divided into co-writing teams of three including an artist (singer), songwriter and track writer/producer. 

The Brief 

The music supervisor will provide each team with their own brief. Get your questions answered before you start writing. 

The Drop In

After an hour or so of writing, the music supervisor will drop into your room to give your team feedback on your song-in-progress like "you're headed in the right direction" or "hey, this hook won't work!" 

The Listening Party

At the end of the writing session, all teams return to the main session to play their song-in-progress and receive further feedback from the music supervisor. 

After The Meeting

There will be a group meeting online to review songs 2 weeks after the writing session. Your team has a total of 4 weeks to incorporate feedback, fully produce the song and send in the final track. 

License Your Song

If your song is approved by the Music Supervisor, it will be signed to a licensing deal. Commission on placements is 20% (Writers receive 80%).


Writing Skills & Experience

Intermediate to advanced songwriting skills with co-writing experience. If you have not written for tv/film before, the track writer/producer will provide guidance.


You must be signed up with a PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.)


Recording Skills & Experience

Artists (Singers) must have the ability to professionally record vocals.


Track Writers and Producers must have the ability to start tracking the song during the co-writing session, produce a professional recording, and previous sync placements.


Composition Ownership (C)

The songwriters, singer/writer and track-writer/producer and will equally share ownership of the song composition's lyrics & melody.

Master Recording Ownership (P)

The track-writer/producer will own the recording. However, writers can earn ownership of the master by singing the lead or financially contributing to the recording.

Time left to apply

molly girl music logo.webp

Molly Girl Music

Molly Girl Music is owned and operated by Donna Britton Bukevicz who has been a Music Supervisor since 2010. The company has over 1500 placements and provides music supervision from script to screen, clearances, song selection and catalog administration. Projects include Hashtag Blessed, Turnover, Cat Dexx Inkosi, Halloween Party (Oscar contending songs competing against Adele's Skyfall). Shorts include Passage, the movie, From Grief to Gratitude. Documentaries: Cuddle. TV Series: Nashville Unleashed, Green Heroes & Civil Disobedience. Song Licensing: Dancing Ninja, Last Call at Murrays. 


Donna is an Associate Member of the Guild of Music Supervisors, Voting Member of Hollywood Music in Media (HMMA), a 2022  Silver Telly Award Winner, 2021 HMMA Best Song Nominee. Learn more at IMDB.

Donna Bukevic.png

Donna Bukevicz

Donna Britton Bukevic is an award-winning singer-songwriter and music supervisor.. With over 1500+ TV & Film placements, Donna's music has been heard on Sony Pictures, Fox Sports, Amazon Prime, Peacock, Hulu, Tubi, Rock Band video games, Showtime "The L Word", Access Hollywood, VH1's "House of Consignment", MTV, and TVO's Green Heroes web series. 

  • Instagram


Program Overview

3 Meetings: Nov 14, Dec 12 , Jan 23

5-8:30pm ct / 6-9:30pm et /3-6:30pm pt

Each meeting you receive an active brief, guidance from music supervisor, a 3-way co-write and a track-writer or producer.




Early Bird: $397

Apply by Oct 9

To get the early bird rate, pay within 48 hours of being accepted.

Regular: $497

Apply by Oct 30

Save These Dates 

Application deadline

  • Early Bird Sun Oct 9

  • Regular Sun Oct 30

Orientation/meet & greet, Q&A

  • Nov 10 (5-6pm ct/6-7pm et / 3-4pm pt)

Meeting dates

  • Nov 14, Dec 12, Jan 23 

(5-8:30pm cdt / 6-9:30pm edt/ 3-6:30pm pdt)

Follow Up/Critique dates

  • Nov 28, Jan 9, Feb 6 (5-6pm ct/6-7pm et / 3-4pm pt)


Non-Refundable Application Fee: $20 

Donna Bukevicz quote

Time left to apply

How to apply icons.png

1.  Prepare a link to your songs on SoundCloud, Songspace, Dropbox, etc. OR If you're  in the Sooner Community: just use a link to a song in your Music List.

2. Apply: ($20).

3. Receive email with your acceptance status 7 days before the program begins. If accepted, you'll receive additional program details and a payment link ($).

Apply to Sync Challenge

Time left to apply


Limited to 30 Writers

Early Bird Oct 9 (Save $100)

Regular Oct 30

You'll need a Disco, SoundCloud, Songspace, Dropbox, Box, (any link) to 2 songs.

Track-writers and producers are integral to this program and attend for free. If you are a track-writer or producer with sync placements, apply to be considered for this program. Include a link to a playlist of 5 songs (Disco or Songspace preferred)

Applications Closed At This Time

Do I need to be a part of Discover Sooner's Community to participate?

No. Learn more about Sooner>>

Do I get any price break if I am a part of Discover Sooner's other programs?

No. We want our lowest price to be accessible to more people so we now use Early Bird pricing.

What if I don't have any experience writing songs for tv/film?

You can rely on the track writer or producer who have had sync placements for guidance.

When do we get the briefs?

You'll get the briefs the day of the writing session. The plan is to give each team their own brief. 

What films are we going to be writing for?

The first film we'll be working on is music for "The Christmas Witch" by Dalea Faulkner. 


What is orientation about?

Meet the writers, learn what to expect and how to share your screen and sound on Zoom.

What if I can't make it to one of the scheduled meetings?

We're sorry, no make ups.

Who will be my co-writers?

You’ll be writing with other program participants in co-writing teams of 3. Before the program starts, you’ll receive your co-writing team assignments and contact info. 

Can I write with specific people?

Yes, the application form lets you draft a writer to your team but they must be participating in the program. This must be decided up front before the program starts.

Why does the program let me bring my own team?

We want the best songs and the optimum way to co-write is with people you already know. While we screen all the participants and believe they are good writers, not all personalities mesh. So we encourage you to recruit your trusted co-writers to join the program. Track writers/Producers attend for free but must apply $20.


How do I become a track-writer or producer in this program?

Apply and send in a playlist of 5 of your songs suited for sync placements.

Can I co-write in-person?

Yes, if you live in the same town. It's especially helpful if the singer and track-writer/producer are in the same room to make it easier to record the vocals on the night of the cowriting session.

What happens if the music supervisor wants to sign my song?

Congrats! The sync agent will send a non-exclusive agreement to review and sign and will help fill out all of the paperwork needed to "One Stop" licensing.

Who is the Sync Agent?

Nancy Deckant publisher and CEO of Discover Sooner.

What is the Sync Agent's commission?

For Sooner Sync Challenge, the fee is 20% on the song and the recording placed in the film. Writers retain 80%.  If you wish your song will be represented for sync opportunities outside of the Sync Challenge, the commission is 50%. 

How will the song's ownership be split?

33.3%, 33.3, 33.4


Who will own the master recording?

The co-writing team including the track-writer/producer, singer and songwriter will equally own the track. However, due to the many hours the track-writer/producer will spend producing the song, if there are additional expenses to achieve broadcast quality, the artist and songwriter will front the first $200. After that the cowriting team will share expenses equally.

What added costs may be needed for the master recording?

Potential expenses include demo singers to get the right "voice" on the song, additional instrumental tracks, mixing and mastering from outside producers.

What if I don't have money for the master recording expenses?

No problem. You can refrain from contributing to the recording and will not own any portion of the recording.

Are there any scholarships?

Sorry, no. 

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