Want To Meet Publishers Sooner
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Sooner can help you!

A great publisher can change a songwriter's life.

Publishers license music, collect royalties and provide a multitude of services to the writers they sign.

Roughly 50% of artists are introduced to major record labels by publishers. So if you're wanting to be the next Lizzo and you write your own songs, you want a publisher!

But if you've ever tried to get a meeting with a publisher, you know just how hard it can be. Unsolicited emails rarely work. Why?
Publishers rely on referrals from trusted associates to meet songwriters. 

Not every songwriter is right for a publishing deal, but when they are, it can still take 5 -10 years to develop the relationships you need to get signed! 
We think that's TOO LONG...and that we can help you get you there faster!

Meet publishers Sooner!

Sooner connects unsigned songwriters to major publishers and industry professionals.

Our mission is to help the next generation of songwriters and artists expand their network of music professionals. Since 2020, we have helped hundreds of songwriters connect directly with publishers, collaborate with signed and unsigned writers, and even helped an artist get a record/publishing label.

Get Connected Faster

As a songwriter, you need connections, relationships, and knowledge. Here's how we help you meet publishers and music professionals and build relationships!

Community Platform

Publishers view your profile!

Post your music and career milestones on Sooner's searchable online platform.


"Request a Referral" to boost the chances of having your profile seen more quickly by getting “referred”.

Publishers reach out first and connect with you when they're ready to have a conversation.

Meet and collaborate with songwriters going for the same thing!

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Member Services

Get access!

The day you join Sooner, you can schedule a personal meeting with Sooner's "publisher-in-residence" to ask publishing questions, pitch a song and discuss your career goals, all included in your membership.

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Events & Programs

Get in front of career-making professionals.

Meet Publishers, Music Supervisors, Artist Managers, Hit Songwriters, Attorneys


Move your career forward. Our programs and events help you start relationships with people who can sign you and get your songs placed.

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Video Library

Learn from the best in the industry. Get access to our video library contains hours of insights from publishers and professionals who know what it takes to succeed.

Publisher Writer Experience

3 month program that puts you in the room with a major publisher. Applications open now!
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How'd You Get Your Deal?

In Sooner's video library, hit songwriters tell you their own stories. Episodes with Victoria Banks, Keesy Timmer, Brian White & Pete Sallis, Jenn Schott, Dave Pahanish, Mark Irwin

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