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Want To Meet Publishers
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The 10 Year Town Problem...

Roughly 40% of artists are introduced to major record labels by publishers. So if you're wanting to be the next Lizzo, you want a publisher!

But if you've ever tried to get a meeting with a publisher, you know just how hard it can be. Why?

Because publishers rely on referrals from trusted associates to meet songwriters. 

Not every songwriter is right for a publishing deal, but when they are, it can still take 5 -10 years to develop the relationships you need to get signed! 
We think that's TOO LONG...and that we can help songwriters get there faster!

Congratulations Discover Sooner Songwriters!

Your Father's Day Songs played on "The Echos of Sunday" with Wendy Knudsen on Downtown Radio Sunday June 16 
Meet Sooner

Meet publishers Sooner!

Discover Sooner connects unsigned songwriters to major publishers and industry professionals faster.

Our mission is to help the next generation of songwriters and artists expand their network of music professionals. Since 2020, we have helped songwriters connect directly with publishers, collaborate with signed and unsigned writers, work with sync agents and music supervisors and have even helped an artist get a manager that lead to a record deal, publishing deal and #1 Billboard CCM "Who I Am".

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Our Services
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Our Services

As songwriters we need music industry relationships. Sooner's services help songwriters build relationships with publishers and meet music professionals faster!

Monthly Pitch & Songwriter Community

Meet new publishers every month!

Pitch your song to a publisher live at our "Pitch & Pickup" monthly online events. When you sign up you get access to Sooner's Songwriter Community to connect with other songwriters and a lot more!

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Breakthrough Writers Group

Breakthrough to Songwriting Excellence!

Meet monthly with a major publisher who'll provide valuable insights and constructive feedback on your song in an intimate group setting.

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Row Call

Get a songplugger!

Do you want to get a major label cut?  With Row Call you get monthly group meeting with a songplugger, a pitch sheet and sync briefs on tv/film opportunities.

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Publisher Writer Experience

Start a relationship that will change your life!

Meet 4 times with a major publisher over 3 months. Discover Sooner makes it easy to take the next step in your career as a songwriter! Be mentored. Be heard. Be known!

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Fall 2023 Sync Challenge

Amy Scruggs Media Grant Available!

This is a multi-month immersive workshop where you'll write songs under the guidance of a music supervisor and possibly even get you songs placed in a movie!

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Check out our upcoming events!

We are always looking for great opportunities for songwriters. Check up what's next!

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Join our successful songwriters and artists!
Since launching in 2020 our services have helped countless writers make real relationships with major publishers and industry professionals. 

What Songwriters Say...

What Publishers Say...

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Jamie Bruno
Eclipse Music

These songwriters have some of the best songs I've heard in a long time!

Jeffrey Nelson.jpg

Jeffrey Nelson

Blue Canoe Publishing

I believe being competitive in this business involves being on the continual lookout for extraordinary songs and remarkable writers. New platforms and technological approaches that accelerate how fast those songs and writers can come to one's attention is a major plus.

Debbie Zavitson headshot 1_19MG_3938 (1)

Debbie Zavitson

Debbie Z Entertainment

Songs and songwriters are why I do what I do. They are ultimately the heart and soul of the music business. I love participating in events and being a part of Sooner!

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Want to meet publishers but don’t know where to start?

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