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A great publisher can change a songwriter's life.

Publishers license music, collect royalties and provide a multitude of services to the writers they sign.
Roughly 50% of artists are introduced to major record labels by publishers. So if you're wanting to be the next Lizzo and you write your own songs, you want a publisher!
But if you've ever tried to get a meeting with a publisher, you know just how hard it can be. Unsolicited emails rarely work. Why?
Publishers rely on referrals from trusted associates to meet songwriters. 
Not every songwriter is right for a publishing deal, but when they are, it can still take 5 -10 years to develop the relationships you need to get signed! 
We think that's TOO LONG!

Meet Sooner

Sooner flips the traditional model of how songwriters meet publishers on its head. Songwriters post their profile filled with music and business info important to publishers. And publishers reach out first when they find artists, writers and producers that fit what they are looking for. It's all about being less dependent on an industry insider’s good graces and more dependent on a songwriter's music and fan base activity.

Trusted by Publishers

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Discover Sooner

Publishers always make the first move, but Sooner gives songwriters the tools that make publishers want to move!
Discover Writers 

Songwriters post their songs, Splash! their latest career happenings, and provide data on their highest streaming song.

Powerful Search Filters

Find out fast. Search hit songwriters, artists, emerging songwriters, producers, bands by city, genre, streaming, publishing, skill set.

Publishers Make The First Move

Publishers "Follow" songwriters career accomplishments in private mode. Use the inbox to "Connect" when they're ready to have a conversation.

Publishing Status

Find out first. Writers let publishers know when they’re seeking a pub deal, selling their catalog, or have a song on the charts with publishing available.

Vetted Songwriters

Songwriters can request that Sooner's team of publishers listen to their music. "Referred" songwriters can be easily found by publishers using advanced search.

One-Stop Socials

 Find it all in one place. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud sites and numbers on each writer's profile.


Discover Songwriters

Search on computer or phone to find the artists, writers, and producers. Once you're "connected", use the inbox to start a conversation.
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Success Stories
Songwriters in Sooner's Career Plan meet publishers in 3 ways.
  • Some writers meet when the industry professional reaches out to "connect". That's the way Sooner is designed to work.
  • Some writers meet industry professionals through Sooner's events designed to get writers in front of our guest speakers.
  • Sooner's staff is constantly listening to our member's songs. When the music moves us, we reach out to publishers on behalf of the songwriter.
Since launching in 2020 we have helped countless writers get in front of publishers and music industry professionals.  Become A Sooner!
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Events With Publishers

Sooner hosts events that give songwriters ability to meet publishers face-to-face and get their music heard.

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What Songwriters Say

In just 2 weeks I met my first publisher!"

- Dallas Remington, Artist

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What Publishers Say

jamie bruno.jpeg

Jamie Bruno

Being Bob Publishing

These songwriters have some of the best songs I've heard in a long time!

Jeffrey Nelson

Blue Canoe Publishing

I believe being competitive in this business involves being on the continual lookout for extraordinary songs and remarkable writers. New platforms and technological approaches that accelerate how fast those songs and writers can come to one's attention is a major plus.

Debbie Zavitson

Debbie Z Entertainment

Songs and songwriters are why I do what I do. They are ultimately the heart and soul of the music business. I love participating in events and being a part of Sooner!

Want to meet publishers but don’t know where to start?

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