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Publishers & professionals

Publishers and Industry professionals always make the first move. Easily find the next songwriter, artist/writer and producer/writer for your organization.

Discover Writers, Artists & Producers Sooner!

If you're looking for fresh new talent there are plenty of songwriters out there that would love the opportunity. Discover new artists, writers and producers taking over the charts. 

  • As a music professional, you always make the first move. Songwriters view your profile after you "connect" with them.

  • You can search for a specific type of songwriter, music genre, or location.

  • You'll find vetted songwriters "referred" by publishers.

  • If you're looking for a particular type of talent, contact us.

Discover Writers 

Find out fast. Search hit songwriters, artists, emerging songwriters, producers, bands by city, genre, streaming, publishing, skill set.

Publishing Status

Songwriters let you know if they have a song on the chart with publishing available, are looking for a pub deal, selling their catalog.

Publishers Make The First Move

Publishers "Follow" songwriters career accomplishments in private mode. Use the inbox to "Connect" when you're ready to have a conversation.

Easy Peasy One-Stop Socials

Find it all in one place. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud sites and numbers on each writer's profile.

Find "Referred" Songwriters

Use the “referred” search filter to find songwriters vetted by other publishers.

Looking for talent?

If you're looking for a particular type of talent, contact us. We have assisted in connecting writers and professionals to professionals. We can help.

Easy To Navigate

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Publishers, A&R

Companies who represent songwriters and artists.

Songpluggers & Sync Agents

Companies that work for songwriters and artists to place songs.


Organizations that recommend songwriters to publishers and record labels including agents, managers, performing rights organizations and songwriting organizations

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Free for individuals whose company's primary focus is advancing the careers of songwriters, artists and producers. 

Find, follow, connect with other publishers & music professionals 


Find "Referred" writers vetted by publishers


✓ "Follow" writers in private mode to get updates on their career

"Connect" with writers when you're ready to talk or set up a co-write

Find writers, catalogs and songs with publishing available

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What Publishers Say

jamie bruno.jpeg

Jamie Bruno
Being Bob Publishing

These songwriters have some of the best songs I've heard in a long time!

Jeffrey Nelson.jpg

Jeffrey Nelson

Blue Canoe Publishing

I believe being competitive in this business involves being on the continual lookout for extraordinary songs and remarkable writers. New platforms and technological approaches that accelerate how fast those songs and writers can come to one's attention is a major plus.

Debbie Zavitson headshot 1_19MG_3938 (1)

Debbie Zavitson

Debbie Z Entertainment

Songs and songwriters are why I do what I do. They are ultimately the heart and soul of the music business. I love participating in events and being a part of Sooner!

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