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Publishers always make the first move. Easily find the next songwriter, artist/writer and producer/writer for your organization.

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Sooner puts a songwriter's career into a searchable profile: music, skills, social media sites, and key criteria like publishing, writer and catalog availability, all in 1 place.

Publishers, A&R

Companies who represent songwriters and artists.

Songpluggers & Sync Agents

Companies that work for songwriters and artists to place songs.


Organizations that recommend songwriters to publishers and record labels including agents, managers, performing rights organizations and songwriting organizations



Free for individuals whose company's primary focus is advancing the careers of songwriters, artists and producers. 

Find "Referred" writers vetted by publishers


✓ "Follow" writers in private mode to get updates on their career

"Connect" with writers when you're ready to talk or set up a co-write

Find writers, catalogs and songs with publishing available

Find, follow, connect with other publishers & industry pros 

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