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Need briefs &
a Sync Agent?

Now that you're writing great songs for sync, you need opportunities to place them in tv, film and games. There's nothing better than having lots of briefs to submit your songs to and being represented by an experienced sync agent (publisher) with a track record for getting sync placements.

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Our goal is to give unsigned indie artists, songwriters and producers what they need to get their songs placed in tv and film including...

  1. A sync agent to pitch your songs to music supervisors.

  2. "Briefs" (descriptions) of current tv/film sync opportunities to pitch to.

  3. All the training and resources you need to get your ducks in a row to pitch songs to tv/film.



Each month you'll received multiple pitch opportunities by email.

Submit 1 song (max) per opportunity. The sync agent responds on all outcomes. She will let you know is she plans to "Pitch", "Pass" or "Hold Onto your Song".

When your song is placed in tv, film or games, you'll be notified within 24 hours or less.

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Shar’n Clark has a wide network of connections with music supervisors in television, film, and games. As a part of Sync Call she’ll put Shake Em Up Music and its network of trusted music business relationships to work for independent songwriters just like you!

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  1. Briefs delivered to your inbox

  2. SyncCall board with pitch opportunities

  3. Response to song submissions

  4. Quarterly group Q&A with sync agent


  1. Cost: $60 monthly subscription. Cancel anytime. No refunds.

  2. Apply to be accepted into the program ($20).

  3. If accepted, 1-hour onboarding meeting with sync agent.

  4. Songs will be signed to a non-exclusive agreementCommission on placements is 50%. We don't ask for publishing.

  5. Must be "One Stop" clearance.

  6. Must use Disco to pitch songs.

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Apply To sync Call

Unsigned songwriters get multiple sync briefs each month and can pitch 1 song to each brief.


If accepted, we'll send you a registration link to $60/mo subscription.

Get back with you in 3-5 days.

Tutorials on sync

If you're new to the world of sync, it can be a lot to learn how to write songs with a real chance of getting placed. Getting the business side together to work with music supervisors and sync agents takes a lot of knowledge as well...not to mention getting all of your co-writers on board. These videos are here to help bring you up to speed on everything sync and reduce the barriers so many of us have faced when we first started out. Enjoy!